What is Moeders voor Moeders?

Moeders voor Moeders is an organization active throughout the Netherlands and forming part of the pharmaceutical company Aspen Oss B.V. Moeders voor Moeders’ goal is to help couples who are having difficulty in trying to have a baby. To do this, we collect urine from women who have just become pregnant. From this we then take the hCG hormone. This hormone is used by pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines for women with fertility problems.

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Registering for "Moeders voor Moeders" (Mothers For Mothers) is really simple.

Mvm Conditions

Conditions for participation

There are a few conditions you have to meet if you want to share your happiness.

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Join in

Joining in isn’t complicated. You can join in even if you’re working (full-time). Our adviser will visit you to explain everything about collecting the small crates.

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